While Forever Sports would prefer not to have advertising on the website unfortunately there are costs involved in running, maintaining and upgrading not only the website but the experience we are striving to provide. So advertising opportunities? 

You bet! What this means is that we are providing individuals and businesses the chance to advertise on our website!

As Forever Football has just relaunched as part of Forever Sports we are giving launch advertising specials until the end of August 2019!

Be quick in signing up as with our planned developments we expect traffic to radically increase over the next few months and those who sign up now will reap the benefits!

Current advertising opportunities are for a 12 month period, billed annually.

Our advertising opportunities are on a first come first serve basis.


Appears on all major pages on the website
Exclusive advertising opportunity
$100 per month, $1200 annually


Appears on all posts and pages apart from full-width pages
Exclusive advertising opportunity for each advert
300×250 advert $75 per month, $900 annually
300×600 advert $100 per month, $1200 annually


Appears on all posts on the website
Exclusive advertising opportunity
$200 per month, $2400 annually

(2 feed banners, one reserved for you)

Please note!

Advertising space will be based on website traffic and on a per month basis from July 2019. So sign up now to ensure you get the best deal possible!!!

To discuss what is available, restrictions and to take advantage of these launch deals contact us at:

[email protected]

Don’t delay! The sooner you sign up the more can benefit from a highly ambitious project that has endless possibilities…