I've been a Wolves supporter since December 1969,despite living in Watford, I got my first wolves kit at Christmas of that year. I'd asked for a Manchester united kit as that was the school colours, when opening the present I shrieked oh no not Watford, my dad pointed out that it was a wolves kit and the rest they say is history. In 1977 I joined a group called London wolves, they are the oldest wolves supporters group in the country. For about 11 years or more I was editor of their magazine.like all fans I've had many highs and lows, lows being relegated all the way to the old fourth division. Watching them lose 5 fa cup semi-finals. Highs, winning league cup twice, I went to 1980 final, winning both Sherpa Van final and 2003 playoff final, both games I attended. And 3 seasons and hopefully many more of watching current wolves side under Nuno. My favorite wolves players of all time in no particular order are Neves, Jimenez and Steve bull.