Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Club Registration

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Become a member and get access to exclusive content!

As a member you get access to our World Cup Guides, Competition Brackets, Season Previews, End of Season Magazines and so much more!

Unlock more statistics and find out who are the top performers such as top goal scorers and who has the most assists and more…

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Engage with fans around the world!

Share your opinion on articles, forums and groups with fellow fans. Agree, argue or remain neutral just get involved with fellow passionate fans!

Connect with individual fans and start chatting between one another with private messaging or create your own friend group to have private group chats.

Forever Sports is your platform to engage with fellow fans around the world!

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Predict, rate and vote!

Get involved by predicting results, rating players and participating in polls.

Predict league positions and share your starting line-ups of your favorite teams with fellow fans and friends.

The more you get involved the more points you earn to improve your reputation. Move up the ranks and become a top member to show the world that your opinion matters.

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Submit your own articles

Think you are the next Forever Sports wordsmith? Have your say with our very own article submission platform!

All articles are checked and edited by our trained team who will brighten up your story with different types of media and, as long as the content meets our editorial policy, it will be published on the site under your name.

Experienced or not, this is a chance to make your voice heard!

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Sign up today and get access to all the latest content and exclusive features!

As with every site there are many expenses to consider. We value your support and ask those who can afford it to become paying members in order for us to be able to fund the growth and viability of Forever Sports.

Thank you!

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